A Custom bike in Carbon, Titanium or Steel from Cadence

The pairing of our exceptional sizing and fitting experience combined with the skills of master framebuilders will ensure that you end up with a bike that will be the ride of your life.

Working in carbon, titanium or steel we can craft a frame that is so comfortable and fits you so well that you will wonder why never did this before. Cadence works with a number of select manufacturers who offer a full custom service where the frame is made based on a set of precise measurements provided by us.

At the heart of our approach is the principle that “the rider is more important than the bike”.

We derive your riding position independently of the dimensions of an existing bike. This allows us to focus entirely on the variables that count for a particular rider and it does not matter whether a stock frame geometry will work or not.

What matters is whether a bike can possibly be manufactured that will accommodate your position.

Once we know what your true position is, then an objective decision can be made to either design a true custom frame or use a stock frame that will allow us to replicate your position exactly.

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