Cadence Custom is part of Cadence Performance, London’s leading cycling performance centre.

Cadence Performance has one aim in mind and that is to improve its customers’ performance on the bike. We know that every rider out there, whether they be the occasional crit racer, sportive participant, triathlete or you simply enjoy riding your bike, has areas that they can improve on. That is why we offer the selection of products and services that we do.

Better performance can be found in anything from a bikefit, to a pair of orthotics, to a training program tailored to your needs. We offer powermeters to assist you in your endeavours and aftermarket performance upgrades such as Rotor chainrings to bolt onto your bike. Cadence provides a comprehensive range of coaching services to all levels of bike rider. We also operate a saddle test facility, bike sizing services and an excellent workshop. Even though we say so ourselves,  our cafe serves the best coffee in South London, but then, we are biased – why not come in and judge for yourself!

View our range of services at the main Cadence website