The Cadence Custom Bike Service

Step 1

We start by assessing in detail your needs and desires for your bike, your riding history and your plans for the future.

Your Cadence Custom consultant will take you through the options available to you. We help you decide which manufacturer can deliver the best frame for your requirements – geometry, build material, colours and other custom options. Most importantly, you have full control over the parts supplied – you choose, or your Cadence Custom consultant will help you choose, all your

Step 2

We then take you through a CadenceSize session using our frame-sizing methodology. A series of detailed measurements are recorded once we find a position for you with the optimum balance between comfort and power.

Step 3

This position is accurately recorded on our Frame CAD system. When you sign-off on the sizing specification the technical drawings are sent to the frame builder who uses them to construct your frame.

Step 4

The frame build can take 10 to 120 days, depending on the manufacturer and your customisation requirements.

Step 5

When your frame is delivered from manufacture our technical team assembles your bike using components agreed during the specification process.

Step 6

Once assembled you undergo a CadenceDynamic-fit where we make the final adjustments to saddle position, handlebars, pedals and cleats.

The result is your personal dream bike, which is completely unique because it has been built just for you.

The ride of your life…