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Ciocc (“Chee-oh-ch”) are an Italian company founded by master frame builder Giovanni Pellizoli and have been producing frames for 60 years. The same quality, design and care that went into producing racing frames decades ago is still present in all the Ciocc frames you see today.

The Supremo is amazingly light, coming in at just 790g.  The frame features round tubing and subtle graphics making it traditional yet modern in appearance.  Tube-to-tube construction is the hardest/longest way to make a frame but a proven method to create a frame that weighs so little.  To create a frame this light with the strong requires a rare level of skill and technology.

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Weight: 790g (Size 50)

Frame: Carbon Toray 600 1K

Fork: Mizuno Drome 1”1/8



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As shown but custom paint possible